10 Most Advanced SEO Techniques To Get Top Rankings In 2021

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Over the past years, the internet has changed drastically. There has been a massive transition as the way business sees the internet platform. Many businesses use the internet to sustain in the respective domain, and it is indeed essential that they remain visible to the specific area that the business serves. So, here SEO plays an essential role in any business. Every business needs to be visible on the internet, and for this, the foremost thing that they need to take care of is to get a good SEO rank. The business impact would be tremendous on getting a higher rank. Businesses can use advanced SEO techniques to get a good SEO rank or get in touch with an SEO agency in Delhi who would guide any business to achieve the SEO goal. 

Through this article, let us discuss the advanced SEO techniques 2020 that would be a guide for any business to go forward.

  • Give More Focus On The Mobile Ranking – In the recent update, Google has included the mobile-first indexing. As more and more people tend to switch to the mobile world, this is an essential technique that any business should focus on. Mobile indexing means that the website mobile version would be most preferred for any website available on desktop and mobile. Almost 90% of the generation performs searches on mobiles. Hence, Google has taken this extreme step as an SEO parameter than those designed to fit in the mobile phone would get a faster rank. It should be taken care that the website should be designed to keep the mobile display as the focus, and the content should be readable over mobile.
  • Speed Optimization – In the internet era, website speed matters a lot and optimization as well. Sometimes, your precious customers would walk away from the mobile pages that are not loading faster. Improving mobile speed optimization is essential for the following reasons:
    1. Fast websites get higher rank in search engines
    2. Speed optimization reduces the server load
    3. A fast website increases the conversions

Few tips to speed up the website performance are:

  1. Shift to another website server
  2. Permit browser caching

iii. Permit image compression

  1. Reduce HTTP requests
  2. Optimise the web pages images
  3. Measure and reduce the web server response time

vii. Reduce redirects to increase the mobile page speed 

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  • Blog Posts – Over the years, quality content has been increasing, and there is a lot of competition. Content has a significant impact on rank. To increase your website ranking, having quality content on your website is essential. It is also ideal if the blog post would cover the entire information in an attractive format so the audience would understand it better. You need to balance the blog post’s quantity and quality, as just a single blog post would not suffice. Including blog post is an advanced SEO techniquethat you need to focus on because placing informative content on your website would bring more readers to your website, increasing your SEO rank.

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  • Improve User Experience Across The Website – Maintaining a good user experience is essential for any website. If users don’t feel at ease while traveling on your website, you are more likely to lose them. You need to show the best result for SEO optimization. If your website is unreliable, unprofessional, out-of-date, and slow potential users would bounce back. You would eventually end up losing a user, and this would affect your bounce rate as well. A few tips to increase the user experience in your website are the following:
    1. Create readable posts. Write quality content, maintain short paragraphs, avoiding wordy sentences, including bullet points at the necessary location, including images, etc.
    2. Make the post interactive.
    3. Make use of an inverted pyramid writing style. This style indicates placing the most valuable information at the top of the article and the less important information at the bottom.
    4. Increase website speed.

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  • Voice Search Optimization – Voice search is being favored these days, and more people opt for this. Text and voice search work differently, and hence you need to optimize the voice search and the results that the users give. For example, for a text search, ‘Dog diet’. The same for a voice-based search would be a bit longer like, ‘What do dogs eat?’. Also, voice search tends to be locally based. A few tips to optimize voice search are:
    1. Make use of long-tail keywords
    2. Make use of structured data

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  • Make Use Of You-Tube SEO – YouTube videos are the most prominent feature of SEO. YouTube is the most popular video platform globally. It is the second largest search engine and the second most popular social media platform. So, take advantage of YouTube SEO. You can do this in the following way:
    1. Develop SEO-friendly Video – YouTube’s algorithm works in a way by collecting your video information like title, file name, description, etc. These elements affect ranking. A few tips for developing SEO-friendly video are:
      1. Create an attractive video title
      2. Include video description that explains your video content
    2. Create Custom Thumbnails – Optimize your video with an attractive thumbnail that tells the users what the video is about.
    3. Develop Video Playlists – Playlists refers to breaking down a story into video series in a sequence. Create playlists attracts users and watches each time you upload.
  • Create A Backlink Portfolio – Links are an essential part of SEO. Quality links matter a lot, and care to be taken as there is no spammy link. Whenever websites grow and land links from a few more significant websites, it tends to pick up links from smaller websites all the way. This would diversify your link profile and would look natural on the search engine.

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  • Focus On Technical SEO – While you focus on keeping all the things on the, never forget to keep the technical SEO at its place. If your website is not technically fit, it will underperform. Listed below are a few tips to optimize for technical SEO.
    1. Check that your entire website loads on the HTTPS. This ensures a safe
    2. Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile.
    3. Get a crawling software. This software checks the technical condition of your website.
    4. Check your semantic mark-ups. Using semantic mark-ups helps Google understand your website.
    5. Fix the ‘Page not found’ error.
  • Target Local Searchers – Majority of the people searching on the Google platform are local searches. So, you need to check with the following:
    1. Directory listings
    2. Create and optimize the landing pages
    3. Check the technical SEO for local searchers

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  • Measure The SEO Performance – SEO has two main elements – reporting and analytics. Checking both increases your overall marketing strategies. Conducting effective reporting would mean that you would get answers to the following questions:
    1. Which content did the customers like?
    2. Which web pages have the most UX issues?
    3. Which page was visited less?
    4. Which page resulted in a high rank?



As we are aware that SEO quickly evolves, all the business owners and marketers should be fast and adapt to make use of all the techniques for their website. If you are a marketer or a business owner, ensure that you spend more time on quality content creation and stay ahead of technology trends. Also include various features like site speed, schema, and backlinks. You need to consider many things and make an effort to understand the SEO basics, and that would do wonders for your websites in the way of engagement, click-through rates, rankings, etc.


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