How Good is Google’s Big December Pixel Update?

How Good is Google’s Big December Pixel Update?

The December update that Google pushed out this week to all of its still-supported Pixel phones is a big one. It’s a quarterly release that aims to address a massive list of items, bringing with it bug fixes and improvements to almost every area of the a Pixel phone. If you own a Pixel 4a up through the Pixel 7, your update is pretty meaningful.

Since most of you should have it by now, we’re curious how things have been going? In the list of 77 bug fixes and improvements, did Google touch on any lingering issues you’ve had since the last major update, that being Android 13? Is your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro running better than ever? How’s your Pixel 6 fingerprint reader (lol)? Pixel 5 legends, is your phone still as amazing as ever? What’s up Pixel 4a, homies?

As someone who has been beta testing this Android 13 QPR1 and only received a 6MB update this week to get me on stable, instead of the 400MB+ update the rest of the world got, I can’t tell you much of what I think. This version of Android is all I’ve known since September for the most part.

Well, I guess I can tell you that other than the tap-to-wake still being bugged (was supposed to be fixed) and network drops being frequent, the rest is mostly good. Actually, since receiving my 6MB update to stable QPR1, I haven’t had a network drop or noticed as much of an issue with tap-to-wake. Weird.

For those who still haven’t seen the update, have you checked today? We have instructions here on how to check for updates and manually flash an OTA file that won’t factory reset your phone. Beta folks, your update should have already arrived too.

Let us know.

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