iPhone X Finds A Way Back To Its User After 10 Months Underwater And Its Working Perfectly Fine


If a person loses their phone in a sea, river, or ocean, that’s pretty much it for the gadget because it may become hard to recover it and, even if it could, being submerged under so much water would certainly do irreparable damage. However, a UK-based iPhone user recently reconnected with his iPhone XR, which he had thrown in the river about 10 months earlier, and, to his surprise, it was still functioning normally.

In August 2021, Owain Davies of Cinderford, Gloucestershire, dropped the phone in the River Wye. A man named Miguel Pacheco just discovered the smartphone while kayaking with his family.

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Once inside, Pacheco used a compressor and an airline to dry the phone before storing it in the airing cupboard for the night. He put it in to charge in the morning and was shocked to see that it had actually functioned.

Reportedly, when the phone started up, the wallpaper of a pair with the date Friday, August 13 was shown. Pacheco claimed that he went to such great lengths to dry out the phone because he anticipated that it would contain several sentimental items. He said that if I lost my phone, it would include images of his children, and he would want them back.

His local Cinder Noticeboard Facebook group received over 4,000 shares of the photographs he posted there of the phone. The owner had not been active on social media for the previous six months, but friends of Davies and his fiancĂ©e who resided in Edinburgh soon recognized it. The discovery that his phone had survived and was in Davies’ hands shocked him as well.

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In a statement to the BBC, he said that he had misplaced the phone while paddling a two-man canoe. They turned over as one of them got up. When they fell into the water, he had his iPhone in his back pocket, but he quickly realized it was missing. Mr. Pacheco’s efforts to find his phone was praised by Davies.


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