This Stockpot Will Help You Prevent Messy Boilovers on Your Oven Range


For the reason that nothing on the net at any time dies, someplace in the bowels of the Wayback Machine world-wide-web archive, you can find a smiling picture taken of me a week after I graduated college or university, cooking a pot of pasta that is on fire. Not a pot with a flame less than it. Not a mistaken flambé experiment. A pot, with pasta however sticking out of the prime, that is wholly engulfed in flames and is, in truth, on fireplace.

I was a target of that scourge of the unwatched pasta pot: the boil-more than. We all have them from time to time. They’re messy and troublesome, even when they aren’t rather so significantly inept-boyfriend-in-a-rom-com uncomfortable as my pot-on-fireplace expertise.

That is why I was intrigued when I received a a bit odd-shaped stainless steel pot in the mail from Meyer, a business I hadn’t read of prior to. The stockpot, explained the pamphlet in the box, would not boil over. It appears like a ludicrous claim, I know—the sort of point Anthony Sullivan would scream at you all-around 10:09 pm on some high-numbered cable channel. But I started off applying the curvy pot frequently for pasta and soup and it is largely true that it are not able to boil above.

I attempted on more than a dozen events to get the pot to overflow, filling it high with h2o or stock and leaving the heat turned up. As the bubbling bought more extreme and moved towards the sides of the pot, ultimately it just fell inward. I do have to have to confess that it is not 100% foolproof: I did get it to boil around a person time when I essentially walked out of the room for four or 5 minutes just after the boiling commenced with the flame as high as it could go. (If which is how you at this time work in the kitchen, you ought to probably reassess.)

When I requested which options of the pot were being genuinely blocking boil-overs, MJ Truong, the international advisor in product or service innovation, tactic, and design for Meyer Labs (a merchandise workforce in just Meyer) advised me, “We had this inkling that form would affect the charge at which a pot boils in excess of. So we ran a test and uncovered that a straight-sided sauce pan boiled around 8 occasions in 10 minutes, the place a curved 1 only boiled in excess of the moment.”

In their experiments, the curve in the pot brought on too much foam to expand up, like a mountain, in its place of out. Eventually, when it acquired way too major, the mound of foam would collapse in on by itself, into the heart of the pot in its place of in excess of the edge. The Meyer stockpot also has a incredibly pronounced flared rim. The intent of that, Truong stated, was not meant to be similar to boil-overs at all. It was intended to make it possible for for dribble-totally free pouring from wherever on the pot. But that rim also appeared to generate floor pressure that held possible boil-overs at bay for more time. Truong showed a video of the pot in motion to a physicist friend, who advised she create a paper on it.

If all that is far more nerdery than you want to indulge in, all you will need to know is this: This pot will virtually undoubtedly give you extra defense from boil-overs than what you are making use of now. It will not end them completely—nothing can do that. But it will acquire you an extra few minutes to tamp down the heat and get things beneath manage, and, ideally, stay clear of any embarrassing photos of you lights dried pasta on hearth.

Meyer Accent Series Stainless Metal Stockpot

$70.00, Amazon

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