TPM Module Too Expensive? DIY Your Own Easily!


Since Home windows 11 has announced its TPM module need, the selling prices for previously considerable and underappreciated TPM include-on boards for Personal computer motherboards have skyrocketed. We’ve been having chips and soldering them on to boards of our possess style, alternatively – and [viktor]’s project is just one much more instance of that. [Viktor] has checked on the web market listings for a TPM module for his Gigabyte AORUS GAMING 3 motherboard, and located out they started at around 150EUR – which is just about as a great deal as the motherboard itself costs. So, as any self-respecting hacker, he went the Diy way, and it went with rarely a hitch.

Pursuing the schematic from the datasheet, he quickly manufactured a straightforward KiCad layout, matching it to the pinout from his motherboard’s consumer handbook, then purchased the boards from PCBWay and SLB9665 chips from eBay. Immediately after each arrived, [viktor] assembled the boards, and discovered one particular modest blunder – he built a module for 2.54mm pin headers, but his motherboard experienced 2.0mm headers. He wired up a small adapter to make his assembled V1. boards get the job done, and Home windows 11 put in without the need of any TPM issues. He exhibits that he’s designed a new, V1.1 version with an updated connector, much too, and revealed its (untested but need to do the job) structure documents for us on GitHub. These modules can vary, by producer and motherboard sequence, but with every module printed, a bunch of hackers can preserve funds – and get a weekend job almost confirmed to get the job done out.

Irrespective of whether the goal of operating Windows 11 is finally worthwhile, it has been attained. With scalpers preying on folks who just want to use their hardware with a new OS, rolling your have TPM PCB is a quite eye-catching resolution! Final time we coated a Do-it-yourself TPM module for ASrock server motherboards, we had a vivid dialogue in the remarks, and if you are searching to build your personal TPM board, you could do even worse than checking them out for advice and insights!


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