What is WHM and How to Access The WHM Account of Your Reseller Client?

What Is Web Host Manager (WHM)? - RACKSET

If you are involved in the industry of Web Hosting in India, you might come across the term WHM. 

WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It is one of the most popular control panels for Hosting resellers to offer a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for effortlessly managing multiple hosting accounts. 

WHM used to manage multiple cPanel accounts, which hold an impressive 92.80% market share from a centralised interface. 

So let’s dive more into WHM and the process to access the WHM account efficiently.

What is WHM?

Web Host Manager, developed by cPanel, features a control panel specifically designed for Hosting Resellers. 

Its centralised interface helps manage the various aspects of client hosting accounts, such as managing and creating question packages, setting up domains, allocating resources, and more. 

Its option to design unique posting packages and tailor the services according to the customer needs also helps to increase customer satisfaction. 

Further, with several security measures such as firewall settings, password-protected directories, and SSL/TLS certificates, WHM provides overall safety to the reseller’s clients hosting accounts.                                                

Here are the key benefits of WHM:

  • Save time and reduce errors through automated invoicing and billing
  • Allows flexible pricing and packaging to fulfil the customised needs of clients
  • Increase convenience through easy integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Efficient Resell Web Hosting client management
  • Provide personalised client support
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features
  • Allows brand customisation
  • Offers Self-Service Client Portals
  • Facilitates automatic payment reminders and handles overdue payments
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Accessing the WHM Account of Your Reseller Client

To access the WHM account of your Reseller Hosting client, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the WHM Login URL

First, you have to obtain the login URL from the WHM interface. When you sign up for the best Reseller Hosting account, you will get the information from your hosting provider in a welcome email.

  1. Use Your WHM Credentials

Once you get your WHM login URL, enter it in the web browser. Then, you will be presented with a login page where you have to enter the assigned WHM username and password. If you don’t have any credits, contact your hosting provider for assistance.

  1. Locate and Access the Client’s Account

After login into WHM, you will find the WHM dashboard from where you can access and manage all the hosting accounts associated with your reseller account. You can easily locate your client’s account here, and to access the cPanel interface for that particular account, click on it.

  1. WHM Features and Management Options

Within the client’s cPanel interface, you will find various options and features like email account management, file directories management, setting up domains, creating databases, installing applications and more. 

Using provided tools and functionalities, you can easily customise and apply hosting accounts according to client-specific requirements.


Accessing the WHM account of your reseller client gives you control over several components of their hosting services and enables you to manage and customise their accounts to meet their needs. Further, with WHM’s powerful features and user-friendly interface, maintaining and creating premium yet cheapest Reseller Hosting accounts has become simple. Therefore, it has become a popular option for many web hosting professionals and companies.

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