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Everyone likes promotion, discount or free gift, and when choosing an ISP, this is no different. There are so many options when it comes to internet service providers, such as a dial-up connection, cable internet connections, as well as fiber, which is rated as the most reliable internet available.

When looking specifically at internet companies in the USA, the choices are endless. When selecting an ISP, factors to look out for are things such as speed, reliability, cost, type of connection, as well as availability. Most internet companies will try to sweeten the deal by offering freebies, promotions, or discounts when you sign a service agreement with them.

Some of the most popular add-ons that you can expect are:
●       Technical support – technical support is crucial. Having the ability to call for help 24/7 can really put your mind at ease. Most ISP companies have dedicated technicians who are able to assist you with installation, configuration and support on any and all devices.

●       Cloud storage – cloud storage is a fantastic, safe way to store your data and media content online. Cloud storage can be a free or paid-for service, which will give you a certain amount of gigabyte data of storage. This will not only free up precious space on your device, but will ensure your media and data are safe in case of loss because of theft or even corruption from a computer virus.

●       Free email addresses – Having an email address is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with people, conducting business, or even just for subscribing to interesting blogs or websites. While it seems like a good idea to use the free email address offered to you by the ISP, it is not always the best thing to do. ISPs can go through changes such as mergers, which would mean name changes and the nullification of your email address unless it is migrated to the new name automatically. The same applies for when you change your ISP, and it becomes a pain to change your email address and notify all your contacts of this change. There are many free email addresses available online which are just as good and often come with free cloud storage facilities as well.

●       Free gifts or hardware – When signing a contract with a new ISP, you are often given a free router and modem as part of your package. But some ISPs like to give an extra gift, such as a free laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone device, as a way to attract more customers. These items are generally not of the highest quality, but can be used as a backup device if anything should happen to your current one.

●       Free or premium antivirus software – Antivirus software is a necessary thing to have these days. With the constant threat of hackers and viruses, protecting your data and media should be of the highest priority. Some ISPs will offer free antivirus software, which is of the same quality as those you can download for free online. Paid antivirus software provides even more protection and safeguards your data and media.