Apple TV owners report issues with exiting YouTube app

Apple TV owners report issues with exiting YouTube app

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Some Apple TV set-top box owners have recently discovered a bug with the YouTube app on it, and it’s not clear why or how it started.

Users have reported on Reddit and Twitter that when they exit the YouTube app in tvOS, it prompts them to confirm if they want to exit. It causes a black screen to appear, leaving users with no choice but to force close the app.

YouTube Support is recommending to some users that they can force-close an Apple TV app by double-pressing the TV button on the Siri Remote, navigating to the app, and swiping up on the trackpad. The official YouTube account recommends restarting the Apple TV and deleting and reinstalling the YouTube app to its latest version.

Another workaround is to press and hold the Menu/Back button on the Siri Remote, instead of interacting with the YouTube app’s prompt to exit. Or, press the TV button instead.

None of the workarounds appear to fix the problem, permanently, however.

It’s not clear where the problem lies, in this case. Reports of the issues do not coincide with Apple’s recent updates, and are concentrated over the weekend of December 10. For now, it appears the issue may be completely server-side, or a bug in the app induced by a change on how YouTube is serving data.

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