We see improvements in Android games every month, along with changes in graphics. Top game developers have an excellent opportunity to hit the Google Play Store with their best games due to the constant development of the smartphone. Unfortunately, most of the top games on the play store cannot be played without an Internet connection. As a result, gamers’ gaming experience is significantly impacted. Therefore, you cannot rely on them if you are ever without internet or in an unpleasant situation where you need to pass the time.

We have got you here. In this article, we will discuss the best offline games for Android you can play during long commutes or when you are out of the internet and this is especially for those readers who love games. However, to play these games offline, you have to download them on your phone once, and for smooth downloading, you must need a fast internet connection like CenturyLink. Check out CenturyLink prices and get the plan according to requirements. 

Here is a list of the best offline games for Android. 

  1. Sudoku

The Play Store is filled with Sudoku games and many of them are available offline. Fassor’s Sudoku has a good rating and a flawless design. The game has four levels of difficulty as well as a timer to determine the speed at which you can complete the stage. One of the best features of Fassor is the ability to write several rough numbers within a cell but with a 30-second penalty.

You also get a penalty to check if you’ve done everything right. Furthermore, these penalties are cumulative and can ruin your score. If you are a brainiac and want to use your time positively using your mind, then this is the best offline game for you!

  1. Traffic Rider

If you don’t have an internet connection and want to play a racing game there aren’t a lot of options available. However, lucky for you, we have found one that lets you ride your motorcycle and dodge the incoming traffic as you make your escape to the finish line.

You can choose from various modes, for example, you can choose endless racer mode to have a long race. It has only one goal; to race faster and faster without colliding with anyone to the end line. However, the mission mode makes it more enjoyable over endless racers as it allows you to race against certain goals instead of mindlessly speeding.

Since other modes include time trials or endless runners. Make sure to pass through the Missions mode, as it will unlock some awesome superbikes.

  1. Altos Odyssey

The game is famous for its stunning visuals and gameplay. It has dunes, temples, and canyons. The plot revolves around Alto who with his friends embark on a sandboarding journey and encounters various mysteries and secrets along the way.

Alto’s Odyssey is a stand-alone sequel, meaning it does not need to play through the first game to fully comprehend the new game. The game starts off as easy but gets difficult once you accomplish over 180 goals. Moreover, you can enjoy fantastic music so put your headphones on. 

  1.  Flick Soccer

Are you a Ronaldo fan? If yes then naturally you would be looking for offline soccer games. Footballthe is the most played sport in the world and the Play Store is full of soccer games. Many of them are fantastic. However, it can be difficult to find these types of games.

Flick Soccer is a game with attractive graphics, and precise gameplay. All you need to do is get goals. Make sure you are able to move the ball along the correct direction to pass the goalkeeper and the defenders. You can enhance your score with target boosters, such as longer times, double-points and so on. No matter if you prefer the limited-time kicks or precise kicks Flick Soccer keeps you entertained.

  1. Pocket City

Pocket City is just like Sim City where you construct roads, buildings as well as everything else that a city requires. Players gets to deal with positive events like parties, or negative things such as massive fires. 

You must ensure that you maintain the balance in the city to earn money, progress in the game, unlock buildings and gain access to more terrain. The free version includes the basic game, but it has advertisements. On the other hand, the premium version includes additional features like a sandbox mode and no ads. It is one of the top offline city-building apps available on Google Play and it also has no in-app purchases. Yay!


The above-mentioned offline games offer you the same kind of casual or intense game play, retro or 3D graphics, and various twists online games provide. However, they have one great advantage the online games; they keep players away from boredom when they don’t have internet. Therefore, choose a game you want to play today from our list and enjoy!