Does Catalyst Black have controller support?


Becoming ready to participate in a game the way that you want can make a significant variation. For illustration, participating in Genshin Influence with a controller or mouse and keyboard is certain to be additional at ease than applying mobile on-display screen controls—at least for some people. For others, enjoying Genshin Influence is extra comfy with all those on-screen controls. When figuring out your exceptional playstyle, checking the readily available manage choices for any recreation is a ought to. So, what are the accessible control selections for Catalyst Black? Does Catalyst Black have controller help?

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THE Shorter Answer

To use a controller with Catalyst Black, open Bluetooth options on your gadget. On your controller, enter pairing mode. Find your controller in the Bluetooth menu on your system, then pair it. Right after connecting your controller to your machine, enter a match in Catalyst Black to commence working with your controller.


Does Catalyst Black have controller assistance?

There are a couple of matters you must know before making an attempt to participate in Catalyst Black with a controller.

The initially is that, yes, Catalyst Black does aid Bluetooth controllers. If your Bluetooth controller can link to your mobile system, it will do the job with Catalyst Black. The major dilemma is that the buttons are a little bit finicky. In our testing, the ideal cause on the Xbox Sequence X controller—which is intended to cause your major weapon—did not do anything. In simple fact, none of our offered buttons activated our primary weapon.

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The second point you should really take note is that you can’t manage and navigate the sport fully from your controller. You will nonetheless want to use the touchscreen because the controller only operates in the course of matches. To navigate the menus, you will even now have to have to use the on-monitor controls.

We suggest you use the on-monitor controls for Catalyst Black. If your knowledge is diverse, and you can get your most important weapon and primal variety operating on your controller, then by all suggests, go for it. However, in our testing, neither of these functions worked on our controller.

How to hook up a Bluetooth controller to your mobile product

Pairing your gaming controller with your cellular device will allow for you to use it with Catalyst Black. To do this wirelessly, it must have Bluetooth enabled.

Switch on Pairing Manner on your Bluetooth controller. For formal Xbox Sequence X controllers, you have to press and hold the sync button at the best of the controller until the Xbox logo on the entrance starts flashing.

pair controller

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On your device, go to Bluetooth options in just your Settings menu. Seem for offered units to pair to, then tap on the identify of your gaming controller.

pair controller via settings

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How to use a Bluetooth controller with Catalyst Black

Okay, so you have paired your gamepad to your unit. Pleasant! Your following action is to understand how to use it with Catalyst Black.

At to start with, soon after opening the recreation, you may perhaps observe that your controller isn’t responding. This is ordinary, as controller functionality will not activate until you enter a match.

How to get your controller to reply in Catalyst Black

To get your controller to react, open up the activity on your cellphone and faucet the Engage in button.

play button catalyst

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Choose any mode, then faucet the Enjoy button.

start a mode

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Once you have entered a match, switch to your controller. It will react, and you can maneuver your character around and engage in working with your controller.

In Catalyst Black? No. Catalyst Black does not permit you to remap controller controls.


Shift about the map = Left Joystick

Purpose weapon = Correct Joystick

Main = ???

Large = RB

Capability = X

Dodge = A / LB

Transform into Primal = ???


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