Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt


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This week, our first location winner on the insightful aspect is Naughty Aughtie with a comment about Peter Brimelow and VDARE, and specifically their previous statements about how “America is not a melting pot”:

Suitable, The united states is not a ‘melting pot’. Nonetheless, it has been multicultural at any time given that white people today initial invaded and occupied it in the late 15th century (10th century if you rely the Vikings). Those Conservatives (and other people) that say they want to “keep The united states American” need to get out of the place en masse and depart it to the folks who had been there very first: indigenous Individuals.

In next position, it’s That 1 Male with a comment about CBS’s continued DMCA statements in opposition to Halo Television set clearly show evaluation movies:

Mainly because why not?

“CBS, in the meantime, gets to look like a bullying jerk that both does not know how good use performs, or simply does not like the content material in some of Offended Joe’s reviews, which are fairly damaging when it will come to the high quality of the present. As he’s observed in some of his video clips, this didn’t seem to be to come about when he was being constructive in his reviews, suggesting that it’s not purely about the “copyright” difficulty.”

Even though I surely would not price cut vindictive spite it appears to be a 3rd alternative was still left out: They’re saying the vids simply just since they can and it’s no-effort and hard work and possibility-totally free revenue from their perspective.

Without having a penalty for bogus promises there’s definitely no explanation not to claim anything as all the issues are on the other side of the equation, felt by the receiver rather than the sender even if the statements are blatantly bogus and in violation of honest use.

For editor’s decision on the insightful aspect, we commence out with a comment from James Burkhardt in reaction to the accusation that it is hypocritical of Techdirt to criticize Netflix’s pivot on password sharing:

Ah. This chesnut. What Netflix can do legally, and what netflix need to do (be that morally, ethically, or fiscally) are not the exact same matter.

Techdirt both argues that social media organizations have the authorized right to interact in moderation how they see suit, when at the same time calling out behavior they see as detrimental, either to the brand or to the bottom line.

In this scenario, whilst Netflix has the lawful right by deal regulation to limit password sharing, Techdirt argues that the strategy is improperly regarded, and these kinds of alternatives have in the earlier harmed the companies partaking in them. That netflix’s choices are probable to accelerate subscriber losses as comparable options accelerated wire-reducing.

There is no hypocrisy in the argument that netflix has the contractual suitable to restrict password sharing but that it is a silly choice they will possible regret.

Up coming, it is danderbandit with 1 far more remark about Netflix:

The irony would seem to be shed on them

Seeing heaps of simultaneous stories about loss of clients, value hikes, banning password sharing.

As if it is all just a coincidence. SMFH.

In excess of on the humorous facet, our initial spot winner is davec with a remark about cops becoming ordered to return seized dollars:

If cops cannot hold on to money they took by oversight, no 1 will want to be cops.

In second area, it’s a different comment from That A person Person, this time in response to someone trotting out the previous complaint that 1 of our posts “isn’t about tech”:

I furthermore was considerably dismayed to locate out that a channel referred to as ‘Fox’ wasn’t in reality centered on fox video clips, specifics and trivia. Genuinely I sense your discomfort and you have my condolences for your easy to understand confusion.

For editor’s decision on the amusing aspect, we get started out with a comment from Walt giving a suggestion for the cops who try to

Other improved infringement tips

They need to dress in Disney character costumes though out on patrol.

Finally, it is an anonymous query for a commenter who was defending the honor of dowsers and spoke of an impending yearly convention:

You going to have instructions, or is all people intrigued going to have to dowse their way their to verify their loyalty to the faith?

Which is all for this 7 days, people!


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