How to use NFT as Twitter Profile Picture


Twitter introduced very last 7 days a new characteristic that allows you include NFTs as a profile image. This is nothing extra than a way to exhibit off the NFTs selection you have. As of now, this element could be used only from the iOS app but as soon as you have updated with the NFT image, it would clearly show up in the hexagonal all over all the platforms.

Hexagon Shaped NFTs

Making use of this feature like demonstrated in the screenshot higher than, you would need you to basically associate your crypto wallet with the Twitter account and then it would be seamless to use the NFTs as profile shots.

A number of items to don’t forget

There are a few of items you want to bear in mind in advance of leaping into introducing NFTs as profile shots.

  • 1st issues very first, twitter will under no circumstances be included into any crpto transactions. This characteristic is just a way to showcase your NFTs in Twitter. It has very little to do with the shopping for or advertising so it will hardly ever request you for any transactions.
  • Twitter isn’t going to have to have your non-public important for any reason. So, any request to share that is a rip-off.
  • Twitter merchants your community wallet deal with to maintain the connection amongst your twitter account and also your crypto wallet.

If all of these looks a small also substantially, then here is a refresher of what NFTs are and how you can control them.

NFTs and NFT Profile Shots

So, NFTs are non-fungible tokens which suggests its a non-interchangable details that is saved on the blockchain. Its not like a file on your personal computer which you can copy and copy and copy. Once its on the blockchain, its long-lasting and it cannot be copied. Definitely you can market it or obtain it but those develop into long term record of the blockchain ledger.

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NFTs are largely information like pictures, movies and audio. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be identified very easily though currencies can be identified only by way of transactions as to who bought it or bought it.

So, what is NFT Profile photograph?

Currently art items are generally a large section of the NFT collections all across the entire world. So, if you have an NFT art piece, Twitter enables you to use it as a profile picture but it would search various from the ordinary profile photograph because of its hexagonal form.

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Even if people get screenshots of your NFT and use it, their NFT profile picture would be a circular shaped a person. Only you would have it as a hexagonal formed composition.

Supported Wallets

At the instant only 6 crypto wallets have the guidance to be utilised as profile photographs in any platforms. We can assume this list to expand as soon as the NFT environment results in being saturated with equipment and services.

The supported wallets are:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Have faith in Wallet

Out of this, presently from what I have browse on-line, everybody is employing Coinbase to link their profile photos NFTs.

Be sure to be mindful that only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use their NFTs as profile photographs.

How to alter NFT Profile pics

These are the ways to change the profile shots of Twitter as NFTs.

  1. Open up Twitter in your iOS product. Please make guaranteed that you have Twitter Blue membership and also your crypto wallet joined.
  2. The moment you are in the Profile webpage, faucet on Edit Profile. Tap Edit Profile
  3. In the Edit screen, tap on the profile photograph. Now you will see two option. Edit Profile section
  4. Faucet on Pick NFT. Now, if you haven’t already connected your wallet, you can do it now. Choose NFT
  5. Just after linking, tap on the NFT you would like to established as your profile photograph. Your NFTs
  6. Now, you can resize and crop the graphic as you can see in the hexagonal shape.
  7. After you have finished that, tap Finished at the top rated appropriate corner. Tap Done
  8. Now your NFT will be set as your profile photo in the hexagonal shape as you can see under in this screenshot. Hexagon Shaped NFTs
  9. Anytime someone faucets on your profile photo, they will have an solution to see the NFT specifics like who established it and who owns it and so on., NFT Details

That is about it. Its super straightforward to improve your Twitter profile photo as NFTs which you personal in your crypto wallets.

There is a big conotation expressing that NFTs are going to be long run with all the crypto currencies and all the NFTs mania that is heading on right now. So, if you believe that in blockchain technology, then you ought to likely appear into NFTs and perhaps attempt to get them as assets which could develop into incredibly valuable in the future.

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But when it will come to blockchain technological innovation, Elon Musk, the billionaire entreprenuer who launched Tesla and SpaceX, thinks functions like this profile image in Twitter is bothersome. He expressed his discontent by using a tweet which you can see earlier mentioned.


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