Ingenious Indigenous Artful Screw Conveyor


A lot of of us have read the identify Archimedes’ screw — but not anyone appreciates the term screw conveyor.  These folks (regrettably, the videographer at [Breeze Media] does not notify us their names, or the enterprise name) has the process of constructing screw conveyors down to a fantastic artwork.

Screw conveyors are handy, but numerous individuals shy absent from them mainly because they look difficult to make. In this video, we see how it’s carried out. The crew in this movie are doing it in steel for large devices, but the identical strategies could be applied in plastic sheet or paper on a tiny scale.

It starts with cutting washers and slitting radially. When they’re distorted into the ultimate condition the gap will shut up, so the gap is a little bit larger sized than the pipe that types the center. They are then supplied a slight spiral (feel a lock washer) by walloping with a sledgehammer. It will work. The slit edges are welded jointly to make a ‘compressed’ spiral, and the conclude is welded to the pipe

Now for the ingenious bit. They have a tall gantry, just a few of pipe poles with a crossbar, established up in the factory garden. Under it, they’ve drilled a well. The free of charge conclude of the pipe goes down the perfectly. The bottom of the spiral is clamped to a baseplate all over the nicely. Upcoming, the pipe is hoisted up to variety the final shape. Finally, all the things is welded in location.

In the video clip immediately after the break, they’re generating a screw feeder. It requires a reduced pitch for the area underneath the hopper. So they clamp various turns, pull the most important section out, weld it, then move the clamp and make the feeder segment.

Hacks are partly art, and screws are visually interesting. This piggy bank has a single. Place one particular in your future hack!


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