Jetpack Compose 1.2 packs text improvements


Jetpack Compose 1.2, Google’s toolkit for constructing native Android UIs, is now available as a beta launch. Highlights of the update incorporate text improvements this sort of as font padding and downloadable fonts.

With downloadable fonts, application developers get new APIs to entry Google Fonts asynchronously and to determine fallback fonts with no a intricate set up. Benefits incorporate scaled-down APK sizes and improved process wellness, Google claimed, since a number of applications can share the exact same font by a provider.

Addressing a leading-voted bug in the Android concern tracker, Jetpack Compose 1.2 would make includeFontPadding a customizable parameter. Google suggests placing this value to fake, which will help additional specific alignment of text within layouts. The system is to make false the default worth in a future launch.

The Jetpack Compose 1.2 beta, launched May 11, can be accessed from the Android builders website. The Jetpack Compose 1. production release was printed past July.

Other improvements in Jetpack Compose 1.2 incorporate:

  • New instruments and advice for bettering app effectiveness.
  • A textual content magnifier widget that can make deciding upon textual content less difficult.
  • For lazy layouts, grid APIs LazyVerticalGrid and LazyHorizontalGrid have graduated out of experimental position. A new experimental API, LazyLayout, lets builders put into action custom layouts.
  • When embedding a scrolling composable in CoordinatorLayout from the look at process, builders can make certain that scroll behaviors are interoperable, therefore making it easier to set up a collapsible toolbar.
  • Window measurement classes highlighted in the release make it simpler to establish resizable layouts. These are in an alpha point out as portion of new Content 3 libraries.
  • To support builders use Compose far more effectively, the Android Studio Dolphin IDE release, now in beta, adds capabilities for Compose enhancement. An Animation Coordination device allows builders see and scrub via all animations at the moment whilst Multipreview Annotation aids building for many screen sizes.
  • Compose for the Put on OS smartwatch platform has moved to a beta phase.

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