NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Flaky Rocks Pond Streambed
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover captured an amazing picture of layered, flaky rocks that may well have formed in either an historical streambed or tiny pond. A total of 6 photographs ended up mixed to make this mosaic and all ended up captured applying Curiosity’s Mast Digital camera, or Mastcam, on June 2, 2022, the 3,492nd Martian working day (sol) of the mission.

For most of 2021, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has been traversing a transition zone from a clay-abundant area to a person loaded with a salty mineral named sulfate. The science group specific the clay-wealthy location and the sulfate-laden 1 to find out more about Mars’ watery previous. Nevertheless, this changeover zone is also proving to be scientifically intriguing, due to the fact it may give the history of a main change in Mars’ climate billions of several years in the past. The Perseverance rover is previously drilling and accumulating Martian rock samples.


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NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Flaky Rocks Pond Streambed

We no more time see the lake deposits that we saw for yrs lessen on Mount Sharp. In its place, we see a lot of evidence of drier climates, like dry dunes that at times had streams functioning all around them. Which is a massive adjust from the lakes that persisted for probably millions of several years prior to,” reported Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity’s challenge scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.