Samsung Asks a Surprising Amount for Re-Newed Galaxy S21 Devices


About a year ago, Samsung changed the name of their pre-owned phone program to Re-Newed in an attempt to convince customers that they were newer, or something, than all of the other refurbished Galaxy devices available. They kicked off that new branding with the Galaxy S20. Fast forward to today, and with the weird branding aside, the Galaxy S21 line has now joined the Re-Newed program.

Starting next Friday, April 22, Samsung will begin selling the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in refurbished condition on their own store. Carriers and retail partners will start selling them on April 28. Pre-orders are open now.

Samsung says that devices in their Certified Re-Newed program are “thoroughly inspected and updated to like-new condition in a Samsung factory with certified Samsung parts and a new battery.” All of the phones in this program also come with a one-year warranty.

Seeing as these are not-at-all-new, how much is Samsung going to charge us? Oooooh, let’s just say they ain’t cheap, my friend. Here’s the pricing breakdown of Re-Newed Galaxy S21 devices:

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: $1,000 (!)
  • Galaxy S21+: $850
  • Galaxy S21: $675

Samsung wants you to know that you are saving $200 on the Galaxy S21 Ultra when compared to a brand new one. That…is not a good deal for a year old phone. You should find whatever phone you have lying around your house and trade it in to them to get a Galaxy S22+.

That said, maybe you really would rather own a Galaxy S21 – know that Samsung is doing their sweet trade-in program for these Re-Newed devices too.

To learn more about Samsung Re-Newed, hit up this link. Pre-order Re-Newed Galaxy S21 devices here.


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