Spotify expands access to its TikTok-like discovery feed


Spotify’s TikTok-style music discovery feed is official. The streaming service has formally launched a beta test that helps you find new tunes through a vertical, customized feed of Canvas visual loops. The test is limited to Android and iOS users in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK, but promises a relatively easy way to find new artists and songs.

The new discovery tool is available from the home screen and, like TikTok, lets you scroll when you’re done with a given track. If you like what you hear, you can follow the artist, add the song to a playlist or share it with your social networks. Spotify will offer up to 15 new recommendations per day — you won’t have to listen to old material, but you also won’t be scrolling for long.

The company didn’t say if or when the beta might expand to the US. Having said this, it wouldn’t be shocking to see an expansion. The TikTok-like vertical feed could help Spotify court younger listeners by giving them both a familiar experience and a reason to keep coming back.

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