Temperature-Sensitive Pac-Man/Ghost LED Matrix | Hackaday


If you are like us, you in no way get drained of retro game-encouraged projects, and the dynamic duo, [monsely], seem to like them far too. Their Temperature-Delicate Pac-Guy/Ghost LED Matrix would make a wonderful desktop screen for any gaming enthusiast.

First, they did a little bit of sketching on very good ol’ paper and pencil to arrange all the LEDs they would have to have and get the job done out the connections. With this a lot of LEDs, coordination is really significant or you will immediately close up with a major mess on your palms. Fortunately, WS2812/Neopixel-model LED strips lower most of the important connections, so that was a relief. These LED strips only have to have a solitary GPIO for handle, generating it effortless to get this undertaking going with a pretty standard microcontroller.

Just displaying an animated graphic was a bit also easy for [monsely]. They made a decision to make the Ghost temperature-delicate, modifying to blue if it is cold outside the house and crimson if it’s warm. Of study course, you will likely want to tweak the thresholds centered on where you live or how your HVAC method is accomplishing. Pac-Person stays the basic yellow, which we would assume.

Of class, no great desktop exhibit would be finish without the need of a correct enclosure. [monsely] opted for a cardboard box, but we’re sure you could laser lower or print anything a bit sturdier and a little bit extra aesthetically pleasing. But, hey, whatever will work, suitable?


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