WhatsApp to allow you to put a cover photo on the desktop



According to a report from WABetaInfo, an online platform that keeps a tab on the latest updates in all things WhatsApp, WhatsApp is going to introduce a layout for profile cover photos very similar to that seen on Facebook very soon. The wildly popular instant messaging service WhatsApp is testing out the functionality with enterprise users.


WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would let WhatsApp Business users set a cover photo for their profiles (via WABetaInfo) WhatsApp Business users their. WhatsApp is said to be currently working on a new feature, Cover Photos, which will let users set cover photos for their WhatsApp profiles users their.


WhatsApp to allow you put cover photo on desktop


According to Wabetainfo, users of WhatsApp are going to be getting the new feature soon. According to the WhatsApp developer tracker WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new cover photo similar to what Facebook users have. Also, a recent discovery of this feature.


The feature has been borrowed from other social networks too, with users being able to set the cover photo for their profiles on Twitter too. WhatsApp developer tracking site WABetaInfo has also posted a screenshot of a new cover image similar to Facebook, where you can see users will either be able to choose a photo from their gallery or tap on the picture to use as their cover photo. The screenshot of the new feature was taken from WhatsApp Business on iOS, and it will also be introduced eventually on WhatsApp Business for Android users.



WhatsApp is also going to be rolling out the feature to WhatsApp Business for Android. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working to launch the Community feature in the next update, which will provide greater control for the group admins on the platform. The features are not finalized yet for WhatsApp Business users on Android, while they are currently being tested on the desktop client. WhatsApp has started testing a preliminary version of the feature in a WhatsApp beta and is currently only being tested on Business accounts. A new report claims the feature may arrive on the WhatsApp beta versions for Android, iOS, and desktop.


WhatsApp is reportedly working on a number of new features, including adjustments to its built-in camera and a revamped captioning view, for iOS users. WhatsApp was recently seen working on a new profile cover photo, which looks as though it belongs on Facebook. WhatsApp has not revealed any details about plans for the cover photo on corporate profiles, nor has it said if the company will be rolling out this feature for normal user accounts at some point down the line.



A report suggests a user would be able to customize their cover photo in the next WhatsApp Desktop beta update when setting up a business profile and adding a header picture. When some beta users have configured the cover photo, either by tapping on Tap on Add Now (or from their Business profile), the cover photo appears whenever other WhatsApp accounts access a company’s chat information.


Just keep in mind that the feature will not be available for regular WhatsApp accounts; maybe initially, only WhatsApp Business users can download a cover photo. Once the feature is ready for use, beta testers will see a change to their business profiles. A report from WABetaInfo added that WhatsApp might bring this feature in order to make profile pages look better, or provide more insight into a user.



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