Backblaze Releases Star Wars-Themed Q1 HDD Reliability Results


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If you assumed hard travel dependability and a galaxy much, significantly away could hardly ever be merged, you have substantially to master. In honor of May perhaps 4th, cloud backup corporation Backblaze has unveiled its Q1 travel dependability benefits, evenly sprinkled with many references to Star Wars. In Q1 the organization monitored a total of 207,478 challenging drives all through its details centers. Its report focuses on the drives still in use at that time, and also examines life span failure prices. As an case in point of how this is heading to go, it starts off off with a Yoda quote from The Final Jedi: “The best instructor, failure is.”

In the most recent study, the most resilient “senior” drive in the company’s storage pods is the 6TB Seagate ST6000DX000. Even though the firm only has 886 of them, none failed this previous quarter. This is in spite of the drive’s normal age getting more than 7 yrs. That is an remarkable feat. In truth, it is so very good Backblaze declares, “the drive is robust with this a person.” Ugh. An equally extended-operating 4TB Toshiba model also experienced zero casualties in Q1, the MD04ABA400V. It has an regular age of 82.3 months. There are only 97 of those buzzing away in the pods however. This design has only endured just one failure per year, which is atypical.

As significantly as the “Padawan” drives go, aka the youngling travel, there were also quite a few standouts. Backblaze takes advantage of 3 high-capability Western Digital push products in its pods, and none endured failures in Q1. Having said that, they had been all lately mounted. There is a 14TB product that is a small around a 12 months previous, and two 16TB products that are almost brand name new. This can make it tough to adequately assess their reliability more than time.

The company also announced a new dependability visualization approach, demonstrated over. It is identified as the Travel Stats Failure Square, and it divides all the drives in-use into four quadrants. The drives in the upper-suitable (I) are the first drives to be changed when the time arrives. They’ve been jogging a lengthy time and are starting up to experience failures a lot more typically. The drives in the prime-remaining (II) are the “winners.” They have been in the pods for a very long time and have low failure charges. Transferring to the 3rd quadrant (III), these are the cocky younger upstarts that are hoping to transfer into quadrant II a single day. They are in all probability already planning their Kessel runs. Ultimately, quadrant IV is the “muddlers.” These drives really should be replaced but will need to be monitored because they screen unconventional failure rates supplied their age.

When it comes to annualized failure prices (AFR), the company’s lifetime score for all its drives is 1.39 per cent. This selection is just .01 % decreased than very last quarter’s selection. It’s portion of an ongoing craze with the organization that exhibits modern challenging drives are really responsible, and are equivalent to SSDs in that regard. A person yr back the company’s lifetime AFR was 1.49 percent, so travel dependability is gradually enhancing over time. Although it’s a extend, Backblaze titles this segment of the analyze, “You’ve unsuccessful me for the very last time.”

Finally, if you need 1 push to be your only hope, and just want to know which travel is the most reliable from today’s suppliers, below they are:

  • HGST: 12TB, product: HUH721212ALE600. AFR: .33%
  • Seagate: 12TB model: ST12000NM001G. AFR .63%
  • WDC: 14TB product: WUH721414ALE6L4. AFR: .33%
  • Toshiba: 16TB design: MG08ACA16TEY. AFR .70%

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